Our Remote Support Monitoring and Managed Antivirus Tools are easy to spot! Just look next to your computer's clock. 

Please Note: If you are only subscribed to our Remote Support Monitoring, you will NOT see our Managed Antivirus Icon as this software is not installed on your computer. Photos below depict icons for both of our managed solutions. If you would like to add Managed Antivirus to your subscription, please contact us.

Easy contact options, as well as a reminder of our phone number.

Managed Antivirus Status Page:

If our Monitoring Tool or Managed Antivirus(If Subscribed) finds any problems with your computer, it will automatically send a notification to us. Most problems are resolved without even interrupting your normal computer usage! We send fixes to your computer in the background so you never have to worry. If you computer isn't on, the fixes will be applied when your computer comes online again.

Please Note: If you only subscribe to our Remote Support Monitoring, you will NOT see the Managed Antivirus Icon as that software is not installed on your system.

**View our interactive Managed Antivirus Tutorial - Click Here**

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